JOAS Garments and Gloves

The Classic Design is a proven and tested design made to fit all body types. It boasts a more traditional look while providing the firefighter with an unparalleled level of protection

Integrated with the reach-flex

The added piece (on all three layers) of fabric in the underarm portion facilitates upper arm movement and minimizes rise both in the sleeve and coat when the arm is in an upward position.

Integrated with the pre-formed sleeves

A contoured arm cut is performed for additional ease of movement and comfort. Articulated elbows also increase the ability to move and provide a better fit.


The X-Design is the most recent design providing a shorter coat in the front reducing bulk and increasing the ease of forward bending movement as well as a longer coat in the back for added coverage when bending forward. Furthermore, the Enhanced Mobility Elbow™ facilitates arm bending movements. The X-Design provides a modern look without compromising safety.